The danger of falling is very real, especially for patients who have difficulty with mobility. There are several factors that increase this risk, including the following:

  • Being in a new and unfamiliar setting.
  • Medications such as sleeping pills, pain pills, blood pressure pills, tranquilizers, or water pills may make you dizzy or disoriented.
  • Previous history of falls may increase the fear of falling again.
  • Physical and mental impairments such as unsteady gait, site or hearing problems, confusion, incontinence and diarrhea.
  • Surgical procedure/ treatments to lower extremities.

Although, we do all we can to ensure your safety and comfort during your stay at the Surgery Center, we believe that fall prevention is everyone’s responsibility. If a nurse determines that a patient is at risk of a fall, or if a patient feels that they are at risk, we provide a plan of care to address safety issues and reduce the chances of an accidental fall.

Safety interventions for preventing falls include the following but are not limited to:

  • When you need assistance, use the call light or bell by your stretcher or in the bathroom and wait for help to arrive.
  • You will be asked to wear the center supplied nonskid socks.
  • Family members may be encouraged to stay with you during your wait.
  • To prevent fainting or dizzy spells when getting up, sit on the edge of the bed or recliner for a minute before rising to stand, and then walk slowly.
  • Always follow your doctor’s orders and the nurse’s instructions regarding whether you must stay in the stretcher/ or recliner or require assistance to go to the bathroom.
  • Patients requiring anesthetics and/or pain medication should be assisted with dressing by a staff member. DO NOT attempt to get dressed unattended.

If you have any questions regarding fall prevention, feel free to discuss these and any other concerns with your nurse. Please continue to use these guidelines for at-home care.

Your participation and cooperation with this program will help to prevent unnecessary injury.