Northlake Surgical Center grants privileges to Surgeons who meet all of our credentialing criteria. We charge no fee to apply for privileges, and we make the application process quite simple for you and your office.

Efficient Patient Oriented Care

Providing care and individualized attention to your patient is the goal of our entire staff. From our simplified admission process, to our next day post surgical follow-up phone call, every aspect of our care is designed with the needs of your patient in mind.


Northlake Surgical Center offers the fastest and most convenient scheduling process. It is our goal to become the preferred facility for your patients. A wide range of outpatient procedures can be performed at the Center. We offer the latest in technology and equipment for a variety of specialties. We understand that your time and your staff's time is valuable, so we offer an efficient option to scheduling. We have developed a Scheduling Fax Sheet for the scheduler to complete and fax after calling to block your requested time. In lieu of completing the insurance information, we will accept copy of the insurance card and your demographic sheet. To schedule a surgery once you are credentialed, your office may contact our Scheduling Coordinator at 770.270.1284.

In Conclusion

Northlake Surgical Center welcomes you and your staff to our center. We will be happy to schedule a tour or a meeting at your office to answer any questions you may have. Simply contact Brad Kerl at (770) 270-1284 to arrange a tour. We look forward to serving you and your patients in the future.

Preoperative Forms for Physicians